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Session Descriptions

Grade 6 & 7

Tuesday April 2: Making the Most of Middle School

At this point in their academic career, students learn more about themselves through the classes and activities they choose. Learning about what they are good at and how to further develop strengths and talents is the focus of this session. Are there areas of interest that have yet to be uncovered?  We will engage students in activities to assess skills, interests, and strengths as well as challenge them to explore undiscovered areas.

Monday May 13: Relationship Building

Students will take stock of our current relationships and evaluate the meaning of each.  Together we will learn about the power of “digital footprints” and review the importance of understanding how we represent ourselves online and in person as it relates to communicating a personal brand.  Through interactive role-plays and discussion students will be given the opportunity to evaluate current relationships and develop an outreach plan for new ones as it relates to achieving personal goals.

Monday June 3: Proud Moment

A time for students to pause and take an inventory of what they are most proud of after another year of middle school!  This celebratory session will showcase students’ victories through various types of creative expression as we empower them to confidently share their experiences with the class.  Students will develop a foundation for strong communication skills as they reflect on and celebrate their growth and experience.

Grade 8

Thursday January 31 - Cultivating your Best Self

Do you know who you really are? It’s time to take a deep dive into yourself and do some identifying work. You will uncover that you are so much more than your grades. You are the totalities of your hobbies, interests like and dislikes! Come learn about yourself in the cognitive, physical emotional and social areas. The best part is you will be the director of this discovery--let’s you get going! 

Tuesday February 26 - Defining your Legacy

Long after you’ve graduated from Middle School, what is it that you hope to be remembered for? Is there that one thing you do, that defines who you are? Have you left a mark on someone or something or wonder how you can help to improve on what has gone before you?  During this session we will ask students to consider what they may leave behind to enrich the community in which they live and learn.

Tuesday March 26 - Know your Strengths

What are you passionate about? What are your innate strengths? Sometimes we learn best about what we do like but knowing what we don’t like. In this session, we will explore together your unique interest profile and delve into the sweet spot of your success through self-awareness and discovery activities.

Thursday April 25 - Next Level Problem Solving

We are all problem solvers but how we each solve problems is the difference in measuring success, growth and development. Flexible thinking, forward thinking, creativity and understanding the power of breathe are how we arm our students to develop next level problem solving skills.

Tuesday May 14 - Building Real Relationships

In today’s world of technology, student’s ideas of relationships are misguided by the number of followers or likes on their social media feeds.  This creates a level of insecurity and inauthenticity. Communication skills have to be relearned in this time of fast-moving technology as there is less and less time to practice face to face interactions. During this session we will challenge students to question current practices and face them with the true meaning of relationships as they build and grow their network to support their future.

Tuesday June 11 - Next Stop: High School!

Get your students ready for high school through an interactive session that will assess the following key concepts: understanding self, personal skills and accomplishments, problem solving strategies, and how to build and maintain meaningful relationships.  Through this session, students will develop a new level of confidence and strategies to take into the first year of high school. We will provide an overview and timeline with what to expect for post-graduation planning.


The EmpowerYOU program at Education Station supports the growth and development of students by helping them discover their authentic selves. In a safe and interactive environment we will help participants understand who they are, teach them how to confidently formulate and communicate their goals, challenge and guide them as they strive to unlock their full potential.  Each program is tailored specifically to the student’s developmental stage.

Our goal is simple with EmpowerYOU:

DiscoverYOU. BeYOU. CelebrateYOU.  

Pricing and Scheduling

Sessions are held select Tuesdays or Wednesdays each month from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.

Sessions can be purchased as a single session, or as a package.  Class size limited to 6 participants.

  • $150 per session
  • $400 for 3 sessions
  • $800 for 6 sessions

Pricing and Scheduling

Sessions are held select Tuesdays or Wednesdays each month from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.

Sessions can be purchased as a single session, or as a package.  Class size limited to 6 participants.

  • $150 per session
  • $400 for 3 sessions
  • $800 for 6 sessions

 Grades 6 & 7 

Tuesday, April 2 - Making the Most of Middle School 

Monday, May 13 - Relationship Building 

Monday, June 3 - Proud Moment 


Grade 8

Thursday, January 31 - This is Me!

Tuesday, February 26 - Leaving Your Legacy

Tuesday, March 26 - Create Your Vision Map

Thursday, April 25 - Next Level Problem Solving

Tuesday, May 14 - Meaningful Relationship Building

Tuesday, June 11 - A Look Back as We Move Forward

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