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What We Do

Students are guided in small groups through resume writing geared towards college applications, taken step by step through the form-filling process, brainstorming, writing, editing and revising top-notch college essays, and working through college-specific supplements.

For younger students, our small groups focus on coaching geared towards the college process: envisioning the future, setting goals and taking the steps to attain them. Reflection, writing and speaking about oneself become areas of focus for each student on his/her journey towards empowerment.

We’ll meet you where you are, and guide you through the whole process.

College Application 

Whether you need assistance in getting a resume created, have questions about the common application, need someone to review and help edit your essay or you want an extra set of eyes to look things over...come on in and we can help.

College Specific Supplements Work Sessions

Overwhelmed by each school's separate supplement requirements?  Come in for a one-hour school specific session to get those pesky essays finished.  Receive brainstorming tips, guidance, assistance and editing as you work to finish your supplements.  No matter where you are in the writing process, we will work with you to make a tedious and often difficult process focused and productive.  


College Essay Clinic

What’s your story? If you were to write the movie of your life, what would be the opening scene to your narrative? These are some of the questions we ask as we get ready to write the college essay.

Come on in and have your essay read, workshopped, and edited.  Take advantage of  the time and guidance of an admissions professional in a small group setting.


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