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We would like to share this collection of tips, tricks and advice from the Education Station team of experts, ranging from college admissions counselors, empowerment coaches, social emotional wellness experts, career counselors and master tutors and teachers. Learn from the stories, advice and perspectives of those who have dedicated their careers to education. We would love to hear from you about topics that are of interest!

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5 Things I Wish I’d Known Entering the College Process

By Alex Wojcik, Education Station Intern & Recent High School Graduate

Learn from the Hopkinton 2019  class President and recent graduate, Alex Wojcik, as he shares his own advice that he wishes he knew before embarking on the college admissions process.

"When does the college process begin? With the Common App? The SAT? That sweatshirt you wore as a toddler? Now that the process is over, I’m relieved to be done. I’ve found a community I’m excited to join. However, without some of the lessons I learned, I may not be satisfied. Here are five things I wish I’d known entering the college process..."

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Hopkinton College Counselor Reflects on HS Graduation Ceremony

By Christine Chapman, College Counselor and Founder

"As a college counselor who has worked privately for many years, and as someone who has also worked as faculty in a private school, I’ve attended many graduations—both as a participant and as a guest. This year, for the first time, I was honored to be adopted by an HHS graduate’s family, to celebrate her as she graduated from HHS..."

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How to Study for AP Math?

By Sims Yun, Co-founder and Director of Academic Services and Tutoring

"Sometime between my AP Calculus class and my AP Calculus test, I had a panic attack. I knew I hadn’t actually learned anything from that class–truthfully, I had been coasting all year. I definitely wasn’t interested in finding “best practices” in studying in high school (whatever that means), but I still managed to pass the…" 

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A College Counselor Processes Admission Decision Disappointments

By Christine Chapman, Founder & College Counselor

"So it was a tough week for people who do what I do for a living. The great celebrations of admissions decisions are always wonderful, but helping students and families manage disappointments is difficult and emotionally tears me apart. So, in the spirit of keeping it real, I want to just post some thoughts that…"

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