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5 Things I Wish I’d Known Entering the College Process

Written By Alex Wojcik, Recent High School Graduate & Education Station Intern When does the college process begin? With the Common App? The SAT? That sweatshirt you wore as a toddler? Now that the process is over, I’m relieved to be done. I’ve found a community I’m excited to join. However, without some of the…

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Hopkinton College Counselor Reflects on the HS Graduation Ceremony

As a college counselor who has worked privately for many years, and as someone who has also worked as faculty in a private school, I’ve attended many graduations—both as a participant and as a guest. This year, for the first time, I was honored to be adopted by an HHS graduate’s family, to celebrate her…

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How to Study For AP Math?

Sometime between my AP Calculus class and my AP Calculus test, I had a panic attack. I knew I hadn’t actually learned anything from that class–truthfully, I had been coasting all year. I definitely wasn’t interested in finding “best practices” in studying in high school (whatever that means), but I still managed to pass the…

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