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College Process Work Sessions


College Process Work Sessions are just that. In a small group setting, students will work with an admissions counselor to approach various components of the college application. We are offering two types of College Process Work Sessions. Students may choose from Option A, Resume and Application Form Completion, or, Option B, Personal Statement and Supplemental Essays. No matter where students are in the process, they can take advantage of the expertise and guidance of an admissions professional in a small group setting.  These are supervised work sessions; students should come to this session READY to focus and get to work.


Students may select the session most applicable to their needs.

College Process Work Sessions (A): Resume & Application Form Completion adknda;do;ask;ask;adk

  •  Set up applications (including the Common Application and school-specific applications)
  • Develop a working resume and consider which activities to include on activities list
  • Revise, edit, proofread, and polish  resumes

Scheduling & Pricing:


College Work Session A = 3:00 pm 

College Work Session B = 3:00 pm


College Work Session A = 3:00 pm

College Work Session B= 4:00 pm


College Work Session A = 11:00 am

College Work Session B = 11:00am


College Work Session A= Every week at 3:00 pm

College Work Session B= Every week at 3:00 pm

College Work Session A/B= alternating 6:30 pm


College Work Session A = Every week at 10:00 am

College Work Session B = Every week at 10:00 am

College Process Work Sessions (B): Personal Statement and Supplemental Essays

  • Brainstorm, draft and write the personal statement 
  • Brainstorm ideas to approach supplemental essays 
  • Edit, revise and finalize essays

Price: Single session = $75 | Three- Pack = $220  | Six-pack = $435 | Ten- Pack = $724.50 | 15- Pack = $1085
Class Size: Limited to six students

Scheduling & Pricing

*Students may sign up for single sessions or all five days of the week

Session Dates:

September 21st - 25th

October 5th - 9th

November 16th - 20th

November 30th - December 4th

Time: Offered at various times. Click
"Book Now" to view our available sessions

Class size: Limited to six students

Price: $190 single session | $900 = full week (5 sessions) | $945 = five-pack | $1120 = six-pack



College Application Bootcamp


Complete your college application before senior year begins! Our unique approach to college counseling empowers students to identify their personal qualities, to market themselves, and to find the best college fit for them. Each day, students work on all aspects of the college application: forms, resume/activities lists, the personal statement, and supplemental essays. Students may sign up for the whole week or select specific session days. 

Before the session begins, be sure you schedule your FREE 30-minute College Profile Review Session with our experienced college counselors who will review your goals, profile and work with you to create a personalized map for you to navigate the college process.

For questions about our programs please contact us at 508-625-1663 or email