School Vacation Programs

April Vacation 2019

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Middle School Program

EmpowerYOU Program

Looking for an engaging, socially stimulating activity for your student during Winter Break? Join us for one or all three sessions of this self-discovery program.

Tuesday April 16, 1-3pm

This is Me!

How would you describe yourself to others? You are the totalities of your hobbies, interests, like and dislikes.  It’s exciting to learn about what we do like, but knowing what we don’t like is just as important. In this mini session, we will explore together your unique interest profile and delve into the sweet spot of your success through self discovery activities.

Wednesday  April 17, 1-3pm

Vision Boarding

We will reflect on our wants, and values needs, to gather some ideas term and short. Once students  have brainstormed their goals, they will create a “vision board” to help visualize their goals and ultimately to inspire and encourage us to meet our goals through developing an action plan.

Thursday April 18, 1-3pm

My Network & Leaving a Legacy

In this session we will evaluate your network within your local community and beyond.  During this session we will explore your spheres of influence and the importance of maintaining these relationships.  As we reflect on your current year we will explore the the impact you have made on your community and set an intention for the legacy you want to leave behind.