April 2020 COVID-19 Testing Updates: the ACT is still on!

SAT Exam

The College Board just announced on Wednesday that the June 2020 administration of the SAT will be cancelled. In order to compensate for the lack of testing during the spring, there will be a test offered every month starting in August 2020. Additionally, in the “unlikely event” that schools do not reopen in the fall, the College Board has announced that the SAT will be administered through a digital, at-home platform starting in August. 


On the high school/private school admissions testing front, the SSAT also announced that it will be moving to an online, at-home administration, and it is likely that other standardized testing organizations will follow suit. 

ACT Exam

The ACT has been preparing to roll out digital options for the U.S. as of September 2020 and has already moved to digital testing internationally. We initially imagined that it would be likely that the organization would enhance its digital security measures and release an at-home option as early as June or July of 2020. However, the ACT just announced that they intend to hold fast to their June and July testing schedule. For more information visit http://leadershipblog.act.org/2020/04/act-to-offer-students-additional-summer.html .

What this means is that as long as the CDC and local governments allow for it, ACT testing will be offered on the June 13 and July 18 test dates in 2020. Additionally, the ACT will likely offer at-home testing options for the fall and winter. 

Should I take the SAT/ACT exam even though universities are waiving testing requirements?

With many universities waiving test requirements, many families and students have asked what the point is in even taking standardized tests. In the absence of test scores for many students, those who have strong test scores to submit will stand out, and in the absence of GPA and coursework, standardized test scores will offer admissions officers a concrete measure of students’ academic abilities. These scores will also be used when students are being considered for merit awards.  

How can students make the most of this situation?

  • If already prepping, students should continue to gain mastery of material and take practice tests regularly. 
  • If prepping has not begun yet, it’s not too late to begin working on preparing for the June test, or to be safe, for July’s test. We advise setting up ACT accounts and getting registered.
  • If students have been prepping for the SAT and are considering changing to the ACT, they should contact us to receive advice on how to change course most efficiently. 

How can Education Station help?

Education Station offers free resources (free first baseline examination and free 30-minute college profile reviews) so that all of your college-bound questions are answered during this very uncertain time. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to provide guidance and make sure you are making the most of your time during this time. Remember, you will want to be out enjoying life when the stay at home advisories and orders are lifted! 

By Sims Yun, Co-Founder & Director of Academic Services and Tutoring, and Christine Chapman, Co-Founder & Educational Consultant