What to Expect on the AP Test This Spring

The College Board announced recent updates to the various exam offerings and timelines for students who are planning to take an AP exam this spring. If you’re a student or a parent wondering how this will affect you, we’ve put together sample timelines and answered questions you may have about preparing for AP exams this year. 

The three exam administration dates and what they mean for you

This year, the College Board is rolling out three separate exam administration dates in order to accommodate varying schedules and extended time for content to be taught. Although the first exam administration period does not offer any digital exam options, Administrations 2 & 3 both offer paper and pencil exams along with digital options (either to be taken in school or at home).

Depending on your school, you may be offered all of the options listed below or only some of them. When in doubt, always check with your school administrator for details pertaining to your exam. Note: not all exams are being offered a digital version, so it’s best to know and plan well in advance if you will be required to take an in-person paper exam.

  • Administration 1
    Paper — In School: May 3-7, 10-12, 14 & 17
  • Administration 2
    Digital — In School/At Home: May 18-20, 26-28
    Paper — In School: May 21, 24 & 25
  • Administration 3
    Digital — In School/At Home: June 1-3, 7-11
    Paper — In School: June 4

What you need to know if you are planning to take a digital exam (at school or in home)

If you are interested in taking the exam digitally and it’s available to you, check in with your school administrator after April 8 when the application becomes available from the College Board. If you are using a school device, these applications will be installed for you, but if you plan to take the exam on a personal device, be sure to ask your school administrator about installing the application so you can be ready to use it for your test date. 

If you are registered for a digital exam, you must complete the setup no later than one day prior to the exam on the device you plan to use for the test. 

Digital submissions for Art and Design Portfolios

If you are enrolled in an AP Art course, your AP program coordinator will forward your digital portfolio to the AP Program via a digital submission web application. Check to make sure that this has been completed by the May 20th deadline. 

AP Seminar, AP Research and AP Computer Science Principles Performance Tasks deadline

The same deadline as the Art and Design Portfolios applies to these courses as well. Your program administrator should submit required course completion materials by May 20th via the Digital Submission Web Application through the College Board. 

When you can expect to receive your scores

Scores for all exams taken during Administration 1 and 2 will be released in July. Scores for Administration 3 exams will be released in mid-August. 

We wish all our students the best of luck in their AP exams this year!