Summer Academy

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Our Summer Academy program provides an opportunity for elementary students to address any gaps from this year’s school closure and is designed to help them catch up or get ahead for the fall. Students will enjoy fun-filled learning activities while they review grade-level topics, essential concepts, and key strategies for approaching various subject areas. Students work in small groups that are grade-specific to ensure that sessions are highly tailored, focused, and personalized.


Days: Monday - Thursday

Times: 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Price: $160 per week

Summer Enrichment Camp


Summer can include FUN-filled learning with Education Station! Our Summer Enrichment Camp keeps elementary students’ minds active and engaged this summer while they enjoy a virtual camp environment filled with fun games and interaction with peers. This multidisciplinary course enables students to practice their skills in math, reading, and writing as they participate in learning games and educational activities that are centered around the week’s theme.

Skill Builders Workshops


Skill Builder Workshops provide elementary students a setting where they can review, practice and maintain the skills they have developed in school this year. Students will work in small groups to practice key math, reading, writing and critical thinking skills. During these hour long sessions, instructors will guide students through specific topic areas and engage them in practice problems and fun-filled learning activities.

Each day, students will focus on a specific discipline (math, reading, or writing) and will be divided into groups based on grade-level.

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Students may choose from our daily topics to select sessions most applicable to their needs. 

Monday = Math

Tuesday = Reading

Wednesday = Writing

Thursday = Problem Solving & Logical Reasoning

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday OR Thursday

Time: 3:30 pm  - 4:30 pm

Price: $45 per session | $170 = 4-pack