Summer Programming 2020

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Grades K-5

Between summer sun and fun, come on in to strengthen your skills and preview material for the next school year! Students will enjoy fun learning activities while they review grade-level topics, essential concepts and key strategies for approaching various subject areas.

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Grades 6-8

Work on your summer reading assignment with an Education Station instructor! Instructors will go over literary elements such as plot, setting, character development etc. Instructors will lead these groups with ease and take the stress out of summer homework for our students in middle school.

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Grades 6-9

These sessions will primarily focus on helping students identify their areas of need, strengthen foundational skills that are necessary across grades, and remediate in areas of weakness. Over the course of the summer, students will build a portfolio of their work to keep track of their progress.

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AP Bio Essentials

High School Students

AP Bio Essentials is designed to set students up for success by building fundamental skill sets prior to entering this AP Science course. Students will review basic prerequisite course content, and focus on critical reading, writing, and problem-solving skills they will need to be a successful AP science student.

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High School Students

Our standardized test preparation programs help students fill knowledge gaps, resolve timing issues, and apply test-specific strategies. We offer many test prep programs based on the level of personalization needed. To accommodate busy summer schedules, we are offering a six-week and two-week intensive program.

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High School Students

Our unique approach to college counseling empowers students to recognize their personal qualities, to market themselves, and to find the best college fit for them! Each day, students are guided through work on the college application, resume/activities list, the personal statement and supplemental essays. These are supervised work sessions... bring your laptops and let’s get to work!

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