Standardized Test Prep

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Baseline Testing


If you can't decide between the SAT or ACT, exam take advantage of our FREE baseline testing. Students can come in on Friday from 2:30 to 5:30 pm or Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00 pm to sit for a proctored SAT and ACT exam, which will then be graded and reviewed by our tutoring team. Students will receive a breakdown of their results and a recommendation for either the SAT or ACT within three to five days. To schedule a baseline use the "Book Now" button to register.Other Standardized Exams


Preparing for the dreaded standardized test can be a stressful process for students. While standardized tests might not necessarily show a student’s full potential, they are considered an important part in a candidate’s application to private school, university and graduate school.

Our standardized test preparation programs help students fill knowledge gaps, resolve timing issues, and apply test-specific strategies. These skills can then be applied not only to standardized testing, but to academic courses as well.

At Education Station, our group programming limits classes to six students. Cycles are tailored to students’ needs based on baseline testing, student questions, and areas of uncertainty. Students will be given individualized homework questions targeted towards their specific strengths and weaknesses.



Other Testing

We offer free baseline tests for the MCAS, SAT II, SSAT, and GRE exams. These baselines allow students to take the test in a real testing environment and gain an understanding of the exam. Students will receive a breakdown of their results as well as an analysis to target areas of opportunity and weakenesses.