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Preparing for the dreaded standardized test can be a stressful process for students. While standardized tests might not necessarily show a student’s full potential, they are considered an important part in a candidate’s application to private school, university and graduate school.

Our standardized test preparation programs help students fill knowledge gaps, resolve timing issues, and apply test-specific strategies. These skills can then be applied not only to standardized testing, but to academic courses as well.

At Education Station, our standardized test prep programs focuses primarily on the SAT and ACT. We have many different test prep options for various different students.  to all! 

We offer many test prep programs based on the level of personalization needed.


SAT & ACT Cram Sessions

In response to SAT and ACT exams being postponed, we have decided to bring back our CRAM Sessions! This is the perfect review for students who are worried about this delay. During these two-hour crash course sessions, instructors will work with students to master material, maintain their understanding and practice test-taking skills. Let's cram our way to the finish line!

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Six- Week In House Program

Over the course of 24 hours, students will review essential math formulas and concepts, grammar rules, reading strategies and science strategies needed to be successful on the exam. In order to give students as much practice time as possible, students may come in every Sunday during the course and sit for a total of six (6) practice exams. Each student will receive one (1) course manual. Classes are limited to six (6) students.

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Hopkinton Youth Commission & Other Town Collaborations

Education Station is excited to collaborate with the Hopkinton Youth Commission and other communities to offer quality test prep at an amazing price! This test prep program prepares students to succeed on their standardized tests. This program includes 24 hours of instruction and one (1) course manual. Classes are limited to 30 students.


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Private Tutoring Services

For students who are looking to focus on specific needs and goals, our one-on-one tutoring services offer the highest level of customization. Our team develops a personalized tutoring map for private tutoring students that includes an outline and breakdown of each session. Every session is tailored to meet the student's specific needs and can be adjusted throughout the tutoring process.


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