ACT Preparation Sessions

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We offer two ACT Preparation Programs - A Six Week Course, and a Two Hour/Three Day Cram Course.

Six Week Course

Over the course of 24 hours, students will review essential math formulas and concepts, grammar rules, reading strategies and science strategies needed to be successful on the exam. In order to give students as much practice time as possible, Education Station will review all baseline reports and streamline cycles to fit the group’s needs rather than review through a standard syllabus. In addition, all students will be given homework packets that are specifically tailored for them.

If a student has not taken a baseline exam, one is available free of charge on the Sunday before the course begins from 1-4 pm.  Throughout the course, students will have the option to come in on any Sunday from 1-4 pm to take a practice test free of charge. Practice tests will be graded and returned to the student at the next class.

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Two Hour/Three Day Cram Course

Standardized testing “Cram Sessions” are just that. They are offered the week before any ACT or SAT exam and are held for two hours each session.  During these cram sessions an Education Station counselor works with students on testing strategy, timing, and problem-solving.  Students practice taking sections of the standardized tests, and receive guided support to optimize results.

Whether you've been studying on your own, in a class, with a tutor, or you need some practice because you're worried you didn't study enough, these cram sessions are for you.

Come on in and join us as we cram our way to the finish line!

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